7 Reasons Why You Should be Opting for Professional Web


What Sandy must do? Her family owns one large field nursery and few container nurseries. It’s their family business since a long time; now they want taking it to online space. There are too many customers out there in web. For that, they need a business website.

She asked few of her friends, who were into online businesses, and most of them advised her to do everything on her own starting from the design. That would keep the cost low. After all, website design is no rocketry; and they all did the same way. However, when she checked with an online web hosting consultant, he simply advised the opposite – go for a professional designer. What she should do? As a fresh business school pass out, her family values what she thinks.

Just like Sandy, too many of us suffer from similar dilemma. There are so many theme and effects and tutorials and free tools; do we really need to pay professional web designers? How they can add extra to our business sites that we cannot even think about?


We have 7 answers to this single question. Read on.

1. Participate in web design competition

In online business we need footfall or traffic, whatever you say. Any decent way, which brings in visitors, is welcome to us. Professionally designed websites have better chance to stand out in web design competitions and design galleries. The more visibility at galleries will attract visitors to your site. They might not be your direct customer at first, but if you sell something real useful they will share the information and bring prospects to your business.

2. Unique first impression counts

Every week we, on an average, visit dozens of new sites. Every day, hundred thousands of new pages are added to websites. We honestly don’t have time and patience to go through all of them. Instead, we try to remember only those, who interest us. Even among them, we narrow down the choice further to only useful and visually pleasant sites. So, your site has to be unique in design. Only true professional designers can achieve that feat.

3. Speak out your expertise

Following the last argument, we further narrow down our interest set to only those few who solve our problem with expertise. So, to succeed in online business your website must highlight your expertise; that’s the key to success. People facing problem don’t want fiddling with options. They want immediate and reliable solution. So, there is no point in cliffhanger statements. Come down straight to the point – what’s there for your customers. Only a professional can handle this challenge comfortably. Armatures often end up talking too much and conveying too less.

4. Better design bring in more sales

Between two similar products, we buy one which draws our eyes most. Better design takes care of customers’ eyes. Visitors, who find your website easy to handle, fast loading and friendly, would visit more often. That means you get more chances to convert them into customers. This is nothing but number game. Better the input, better the output would be.

5. Uniform browsing and least bug

We don’t know what prospects are seeing and how they are seeing. There are too many of web browsers and every one of them has some unique display features. One particular website might look dull on Chrome, but won’t look less than stunner on IE. As long as you don’t have control over visitors’ browser choice, it is better to design keeping all the browsers in mind. This is a professional task. Besides, with pro-designers you get least bugs and errors. That saves time.

6. Reduced maintenance time

Professionally designed websites are easier to maintain and clean up. So, you don’t need to waste time in bizarre web maintenance jobs. Instead, you can invest majority of your time in traffic building and content management. Least bug and easy maintenance keep your web pages running for most of the time. So, you never miss any visitor.

7. Search engine visibility

Every hardcore search engine optimizer agrees that design plays prominent role in any successful SEO drive. Well designed webpage bring in traffic. More traffic sends positive signal to search engines and they improve your page rank. This helps your organic SEO. So, professional designers save your marketing dollars on PPC campaigns.

We know Sandy handed over the task to a professional designer. She is happy with the result. What are you doing?

Written by Alia Haley on artfans.info

Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and autos. Beside this she is fond of cars and fancy accessories. Recently an article on eco friendly cars attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article onAudi.


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