Experimenting ‘Handmade Typography’ – From A to Z!!

Typography is an integral aspect of designing and a graphic designer requires meticulous knowledge to work on it. Selection of fonts can make or break a typographic design. There are several impending questions that should be answered before you start with a typography project… like what family of font should be employed? Should you use Upper or Lower casing letters? All these issues must be addressed before you can make your final decision on the typography.

Tien-Min Liao, a creative artist hailing from New York, revealed a self-initiated typographic experiment on her Behance profile. It seeks to investigate the relationship between upper-case letters and lower-case letters. Not only that, the project showcases a wonderful transformation between the two letter casings using hand gestures. The experiment starts out by drawing shapes with ink on both hands and maneuvering the hand into an upper-case letter. Next, the same shape is manipulated and transformed slowly into its corresponding lower-case letter.

• Transformation of Upper Case to Lower Case:

Below are four neat examples of how the designer transforms upper-case letters into their corresponding lower-case ones:

A-a Transformation:

E-e Transformation:

H-h Transformation:

Y-y Transformation:

• Handmade Typography from A-Z:

Here is a set of all 26 letters created using inked shapes drawn on hands. Each set consist of both an upper-case and its corresponding lower-case letter.

1. Handmade A

2. Handmade B

3. Handmade C

4. Handmade D

5. Handmade E

6. Handmade F

7. Handmade G

8. Handmade H

9. Handmade I

10. Handmade J

11. Handmade K

12. Handmade L

13. Handmade M

14. Handmade N

15. Handmade O

16. Handmade P

17. Handmade Q

18. Handmade R

19. Handmade S

20. Handmade T

21. Handmade U

22. Handmade V

23. Handmade W

24. Handmade X

25. Handmade Y

26. Handmade Z

I would suggest you all to try out this experiment yourself. Not only will it educate you about the relationship between upper & lower case letters, it is also an entertaining experiment.

Credits : http://www.graphicdesignblog.org